welcome to berlin – a black and white story.

Black & White, City Jungle

JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin1 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin7 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin6 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin4 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin11 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin10 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin9 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin8 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin3 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin2 JulianHildebrandt-BWBerlin5
All photos are shot on Fujifilm X10 and Samsung Galaxy S3 and edited with VSCO Cam.

all photos © Julian Hildebrandt

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